Free Access All Week!

Hi everyone! Today is Super Tuesday:-) Why? today, with your free access to the World Language Teacher Summit conference this fall, you also get to see my FREE presentation of “Cultivating Curiosity for the Language Learner“. I am therefore inviting everyone to view it TODAY. You can sign up for Free and get the Free playbook here that details how to navigate the FREE conference this week. This conference is focusing on virtual, hybrid AND face to face instruction, so it has something for everyone.

In the presentation I go into the QFT method and how to use it, along with getting kids curious about culture, history, arts, and even VOCABULARY!!!

If you’d like to learn more about the QFT, take a look at this course offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education: Teaching students to ask their own questions: Best practices in the Question Formulation Technique. A new course is starting soon.

I would love to hear any feedback from the presentation, especially if anyone decided to use any of the strategies in the classroom.

Join our FB community: Cultivating Curiosity for the WL Classroom

Have a fabulous week full of new ideas for your classroom!

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