educators are artists

We educators are artists as well !




Art in a curious classroom, a different apprach to learning

Throughout my teaching career, I have had to learn how to adapt to different situations, teaching methodologies, create and design new lessons, artifacts of learning, games, assessments, interactive activities-you name it. Few outside the teacher world realize how
much creative raw power is involved with teaching. If you are reading this, and are a parent- next time you see the formatting and cute little bitmojis or other graphics on your child’s papers, thank a teacher for taking the time to create it. Creative products used in teaching, take time and being able to take risks getting messy- troubleshooting, seeing what the kids like/don’t like, and adapting. Constant change and adaptation. That is what it means to be a teacher in the 21 st century.

For me- the creative possibilities don’t stop in the classroom. In fact I know of many
educators that use their creative potential to further develop their own creative talents- whether it be painting, sculpting, photography, mixed media- whatever.
I myself have been dabbling with mixed media, clays and fabric hardeners to make a variety of things. Feel free to browse a bit at the links here.

Part of being an educator is that we never stop learning. As a language teacher, not only about other cultures, and people we teach about, but also- keeping the curiosity turned on- asking ‘how’ was this made- leads to learning about new techniques, new materials, and consequently new artistic products.

In addition, we teach our students about arts- whether it be musicians, artists, writers, crafts that help express and define a culture, anything that can help peak their curiosities and interest to learn more about the said culture or language we are learning about. Being a language teacher is not just teaching grammar, vocabulary and syntax. It is also about teaching our students to understand the people and culture they are learning about- which is also understanding the what, how’s and why’s of the cultural customs and traditions they explore in a language classroom. So we are also teaching arts appreciation- through intercultural understanding. Maybe once in a while we get to teach how to make a certain cultural artifact-like a Panamanian Mola, a Mexican alebrije, a Day of the Dead ofrenda, or cook a traditional recipe, write a song using mad libs- or something simple like recreate a real life photo of a favorite painting.

More than anything- our mission in education is to keep that curiosity turned on for our students, and the Arts is just another tool to do that.

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There are few things I love more than sharing what has worked–and what hasn’t–in my classroom. Please contact me at: if you are interested in bringing me to your region, district, or school for professional development!

Some topics I can help with include:

  • Inquiry based learning in the WL classroom
  • Design thinking in the WL classroom
  • Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) AND Assessment!
  • Arts and Art appreciation the WL classroom
  • Student choice and empowerment
  • Vocabulary building towards Proficiency
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Intercultural awareness and competence
  • Music and motivation.

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