Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

Today, November 2 is the last day of the Day of the Dead festivities. I hope some of the tasks I wrote about in my last post were helpful in deciding how to increase some engagement when teaching about this holiday in Spanish classes.

I wanted to share a 19 minute concert video Abanico, a Spanish language school in Athens, Greece has put together with their musicians singing and playing some of the most well known musical pieces for this special holiday where we celebrate those who have passed with song, music and joy. Watch and enjoy here for the concert.

I’ve also just managed to finish my first ever attempt at making a “La Catrina” and can’t wait to display her in my classroom. I don’t recommend doing this in class as it takes way too long- but a nice video to show (in Spanish) for how to make one using other materials like easy (but potentially mess paper mache) is here for part 1, and here for part 2. If you have a Spanish club, students could make these (over several club meeting times) and sell during a Halloween festival. Great way to make some extra money:-) With mine, I used textile hardeners Paverpol and Powertex in addition to clay, wire and foil. If you show the concert video here while students make their own Catrinas, they can listen for some teachable lyrics and instruments. Here is a pic of my Catrina:

Enjoy the day’s festivities and I hope you take some time today to remember those beloved who have left this world.

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