Your Ticket to Meaningful PD!!

After having just concluded with one presentation at the 2nd International Conference on Language and Research, I am ready for the next one. There is one day left for anyone interested to attend tomorrow’s sessions. This conference focuses on language education through research- what does the research show? I talk about inquiry based methods, I2flex and Design thinking.

In a just a few days, (October 6) I am presenting : Cultivating Curiosity in the WL Classroom at the 2020 World Language Summit. What is great about this presentation is that it is free!!!

Here is your access to the free playbook where you can find the agenda and information to help you navigate the conference.

Here is how you can register.

I am so proud to be presenting along side over 30 other educators to show what works in our classrooms to keep students engaged via innovative methods, for the virtual classroom, hybrid as well as good old face to face.

Also- in each of these presentations I go heavily into the QFT- the Question Formulation Technique, a powerful inquiry based strategy that encouraged students to lead their own learning through their own questioning, deepening their learning, making it meaningful and building connections as conscious global citizens.

Coming up in October is an opportunity to get certified in this Inquiry Based Method the QFT through the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I highly recommend this course: Here you can find more information on what it entails and how to register.

I would love feedback for anyone sitting in on a presentation! If anyone decides to use QFT in their language classroom, let me know how it went!

If you haven’t yet joined our curious educator FB community, please visit here: Cultivating Curiosity in the WL classroom.

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