cooking with questions

While on the hunt for some authentic new material to use with my Spanish 2 students who are in the midst of their restaurant unit- I came across this Mexican abuela’s youtube channel where she shows how she makes various dishes, from gorditas, to tres leches and so many other Mexican dishes in between. So this got me thinking how to use this with the kiddos- (See site for video resource at end)

1- Watch once, and have students comment/question on what they are watching as a group or individually. After they do, they look over each others and “check” the ones that appear more than once. This provides room to teach the expressions “Con que se hace… or Como se hace(n)…, and then go over any new vocabulary terms that may come up.

Vocab can range from the ingredients, to the types of tools she uses, to the action verbs used as she demonstrates what she is doing . Matching any of these vocab words/cards to their images or meanings is also a nice way to reinforce what they are learning, helping each other as they manipulate cards on their desks. (They love this)

2- Another way as a post viewing strategy would be to have matching cards of questions and answers based on what they viewed- even if they don’t know all the vocab initially- so for example: Con que se hace la salsa? Would go with: La salsa se hace con chiles, tomates, etc. This is Comprehensible Input- they may not know the expression “Con que se hace” yet, but put into context, they can figure it out.

3- Grammar? Tons of imperatives and subjunctive use in the expressions Abuela uses- Cloze activity to listen for some of them and then discuss after.

4-Assessment? Quizlet for the vocab, Kahoot for expressions and grammar. For the Oral: have students make guacamole in class explaining how they are doing it, using imperatives, present progressive, directions, etc. They can record themselves, upload them to your SLP and comment/like each others in a forum:)

Link for Youtube channel: De Mi Rancho a tu cocina:

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