Your Ticket to Meaningful PD!!

After having just concluded with one presentation at the 2nd International Conference on Language and Research, I am ready for the next one. There is one day left for anyone interested to attend tomorrow's sessions. This conference focuses on language education through research- what does the research show? I talk about inquiry based methods, I2flex … Continue reading Your Ticket to Meaningful PD!!

Curious about Summer PD?

Most schools are winding down, if they haven’t already closed for the summer. Give yourselves a BIG Congratulations for your efforts and accomplishments, but most of all, for  surviving a stressful situation for all and finishing the year in one piece. There has been a silver lining to all of this- we have all had … Continue reading Curious about Summer PD?

3 ways to use Bitmojis for review and assessment in the WL classroom

Bitmoji has been all over FL edu social media lately, and it's understandable- Bitmoji's are adorable, and teachers are using them is such creative ways to make their virtual classrooms all the more attractive and inviting for their students. But how exactly can we use them? First of all- if you haven't yet created your … Continue reading 3 ways to use Bitmojis for review and assessment in the WL classroom

Bringing wonder into performance based assessment through ART and Reflection

While the school year is winding down, teachers all around are figuring out ways to deliver some type of learning assessment. I know I am in the same boat. This short video caught my attention- and immediately I though this could be a nice way to wrap things up for a level 1 or 2 … Continue reading Bringing wonder into performance based assessment through ART and Reflection

Curious about Frida and/or Ballet?

I mentioned it in my last post, but in case you haven't read that one yet- An excellent opportunity for Frida aficionados, and ballet lovers- a Must See is the English National Ballet featuring Frida Kahlo's Broken Wings, starring lead principal dancer Tamara Rojo. It is short, only 50 mins, but so so worth it. … Continue reading Curious about Frida and/or Ballet?

Staying Curious With World Languages at Home

Tips for Teachers to deliver WL lessons online for school closures

Field trip- around school!

School Field Trip in the Nature illustration This week I decided to try something different as an oral assessment for my level 3's. Students had just finished a unit where they learned how to discuss their extra-curricular activities, learn about schools across cultures, and also how to use the expression "hace cuanto tiempo que..." in … Continue reading Field trip- around school!

cooking with questions

While on the hunt for some authentic new material to use with my Spanish 2 students who are in the midst of their restaurant unit- I came across this Mexican abuela's youtube channel where she shows how she makes various dishes, from gorditas, to tres leches and so many other Mexican dishes in between. So … Continue reading cooking with questions