Flipgrid anyone?

It’s been a while, I know, though I do have a good excuse- Summer, Sea and … well , while at the sea I had fall- ended up breaking a knee and had to have surgery… So- while on the mend I started writing…. (what else to do when you are stuck at home with your leg up?)

As we head back to our classrooms (virtual or real), I wanted to share some ideas about Flipgrid that got me excited last year- so much so that I ended up writing out my ideas and sumbitted them to Language Magazine.

Here you have the article : Giving World Languages a Voice…Virtually

I hope it is helpful for you and your classes- even virtually during this pandemic, let’s not forget to keep those kiddos interested in learning by making connections every day, and getting them to ask questions, to be engaged to learn more.

Be on the lookout for more articles I plan to write about some other edu tech tools.

Which ones are you most interested to learn more about? Please leave a comment below.

As always, please like and share if you think you got something out of this article.

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