Free PD! (for a limited time)

Schools have started up again and I while I am stuck at home recuperating with my leg, I have been busy planning the year ahead for both Spanish and ESL. Coming up in just a couple of weeks kicks off the 2020 World Language Teacher Summit.

If you are new to this- think of it as a FREE virtual conference for ESL and World Language educators. We all dream to be able to attend ACTFL or TESOL conferences, but can’t due to costs, travel time, etc. The World Language Teacher Summit is made up of 32 different presenters, focusing on different topics spread over one week.

Last year I was blown away with all the information, tips and resources I gathered from that week. It was incredible and I want to make sure I can share

Topics included are:

1- Engagement Boot Camp

2-Tips for Real Language Interactions

3-Inspiring Global Citizenship

4-The Slippery Slope in second language acquisition

5-Building Blocks of Sustainable Programming

You can also catch my presentation: (October 6) Cultivating Curiosity in the WL classroom where I talk about how you can use inquiry based methods to get students engaged, talking and asking questions about content and even vocabulary.

Check out this Free playbook here.

To register for the Free conference click here.

When we are all struggling to keep up with the demands of teaching virtually, hybrid, or even face to face with the ongoing pandemic- these such opportunities for quality PD are too good to pass up. As the largest free PD opportunity for language teachers, I am pleased to support and be a part of the World Language Teacher Summit. ThisĀ is a unique opportunity for thousands of language teachers to get the FREE PD they crave and need. At the same time, if you decide to purchase the instant and permanent access upgrade, then I may receive a portion of your purchase if you register through my link.

Enjoy everyone and stay safe!

As always, please share and subscribe if you like:-) The more curious teachers out there, the more curious and creative students we get to teach.

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