PD opportunities, free workshops and Hispanic Heritage Month ideas!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week! There is so much going these days I wanted to share.

First off, we we are in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month (officially ending October 15) , though there is no reason we have to cram it all into one month. In effort to teach our students to be global citizens, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to tie in some history and culture whenever connections are made possible within the curriculum (inside or outside the box).

PBS is offering FREE resources for Hispanic Heritage Month! The resources include a Documentary series titled Latino Americans, and there is also a dedicated website for the documentary series, which includes FREE lesson plans and the option to view and read in Spanish or English. Find out more below.

PBS FREE streaming videos

Free Lesson Plans for educators

In addition, I will be presenting in 2 different conferences coming up.

First, next weekend October 2-4, at the 2nd International Conference on Language Education and Research– this conference will have over 50 speakers to showcase research proven methods for language learning. My own presentation will be on Inquiry based methods using Isflex and Design Thinking for the language classroom.

For more details in the case you would like to register (please note this is not free): check it out Here.

The following week, October 4-12, I will join over 30 world language educators at the World Language Teacher Summit. This is an AMAZING FREE Online Conference for World Language Teachers where presenters will share incredible strategies for how World Language teachers can tackle the challenges of 2020 in their virtual, hybrid, in-person or a mix of all of these world language teaching, in other words, what is working NOW -worldwide. My own presentation titled “Cultivating Curiosity in the Language Classroom” will be October 6.

Topics will cover:

  • Strategies for Increasing Target Language Use
  • Scaffolding Writing for Novice Learners
  • Interpretive Tasks for In-class and Distance Learning
  • Optimizing Student Motivation for World Language Learning

Here is an overview and schedule, with a downloadable playbook for you. Each presentation will be available for 48 hours. You may choose to just watch the presentations you would like on the days they are available.

To register for your FREE ticket, go here.

As the largest free PD opportunity for language teachers, I am pleased to support and be a part of the World Language Teacher Summit. This is a unique opportunity for thousands of language teachers to get the FREE PD they crave and need. At the same time, if you decide to purchase the instant and permanent access upgrade, then I may receive a portion of your purchase.

As always, please share and susbcribe if you like:-)

And don’t forget to join our FB edu group community for Cultivating Curiosity in the World Language Classroom.

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