Self Help for Language Learners (and their teachers!)

You can do this!

I’ve seen this idea being passed around, and thought this would make for a GREAT Flipgrid interactive inquiry based task. Have students reflect in the target language for these 4 things and upload a short VLOG describing it, and then write about it/and or present a short slideshow on it! Don’t forget with Flipgrid, students can also respond to one another, something I have them do so as to encourage interactivity online.

We are all responding differently to these strange times. Here is a simple idea to add to any other self care you’ve got going on and won’t take more than 5 mins.

GLAD journaling. Just end the day by listing these 4 things:

G: Something you’re Grateful for
L: Something you Learned today
A: Something you Accomplished
D: Something that gave you *Delight* (maybe the hardest but it’s always there!)

In Spanish, glad is ‘contento’ but that is a bit long, so AALA it is.

A: algo que Agradeces

A: Algo que has Aprendido

L: Algo que has Logrado

A: algo que te ha dado Alegria

In French: RAAP quelqu’un?

R: Quelque chose que je suis reconnaissant pour aujourd’hui

A: quelque chose que j’ai appris aujourd’hui

A: Quelque chose que j’ai accompli aujourd’hui

P: Quelque chose que t’ai donné PLAISIR aujourd’hui. (Peut-être le plus dur, mais il est toujours là!

What self-care strategies have you been using?

I hope this idea is useful for your classroom, or home use. Stay home and stay safe!

If you haven’t already, please join our FB group: Cultivating Curiosity in the WL classroom for more FREE ideas and resources that support inquiry based learning for our world language learners!

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