Curious about Day of the Dead?

This week schools all around will be dressing up and talking about Halloweeen of course, but Spanish classes will be talking about the cultural holiday of Day of the Dead, or "Dia de los Muertos" which coincides with All Saints Day, starting from October 31 at night and going until November 2. Aside from teaching … Continue reading Curious about Day of the Dead?

Curious about Summer PD?

Most schools are winding down, if they haven’t already closed for the summer. Give yourselves a BIG Congratulations for your efforts and accomplishments, but most of all, for  surviving a stressful situation for all and finishing the year in one piece. There has been a silver lining to all of this- we have all had … Continue reading Curious about Summer PD?

Self Help for Language Learners (and their teachers!)

You can do this! I've seen this idea being passed around, and thought this would make for a GREAT Flipgrid interactive inquiry based task. Have students reflect in the target language for these 4 things and upload a short VLOG describing it, and then write about it/and or present a short slideshow on it! Don't … Continue reading Self Help for Language Learners (and their teachers!)

Curious about Frida and/or Ballet?

I mentioned it in my last post, but in case you haven't read that one yet- An excellent opportunity for Frida aficionados, and ballet lovers- a Must See is the English National Ballet featuring Frida Kahlo's Broken Wings, starring lead principal dancer Tamara Rojo. It is short, only 50 mins, but so so worth it. … Continue reading Curious about Frida and/or Ballet?