Curious about Frida and/or Ballet?

I mentioned it in my last post, but in case you haven’t read that one yet- An excellent opportunity for Frida aficionados, and ballet lovers- a Must See is the English National Ballet featuring Frida Kahlo’s Broken Wings, starring lead principal dancer Tamara Rojo.

It is short, only 50 mins, but so so worth it. As it is only free for the next 48 hours here.

It tells the tale of the Mexican artists’ tortured life and tumultuous relationship to prominent Mexican painter, Diego Rivera.

How can you tie this into a quick lesson or optional assignment with the kids? Here is a resource you can use- written in English that summarizes what you see below.

Ask them to watch and jot down what they notice about the:

1. scenery 4. the imagery

2. the music 5. the animals

3. the costumes 6. the calaveras. 7. the red string, …

6-7 topics could easily be turned into a choice board- and of course the dancing is just an add on pleasure:)

Then a few questions- and if following the QFT method- have them write down their questions and have ready before meeting for a virtual class. Discuss and then:

  1. Based on what they saw- why do they think it is called Broken Wings?
  2. Why do the calaveras make constant appearances?
  3. What does the red string represent?
  4. Why does Frida try to hang on to it so much?

5. Describe the emotions – In Spanish or English, depending on the level- great way to practice emotions vocab!

6. What are the main events of Frida’s life as depicted in this ballet?

7. There are 2 main musical pieces- la Llorona, and Mariachi- compare and contrast these. Why would the these be chosen for this performance?

8. After watching- what did it make you wonder? What questions do you have about Frida?

If you are ballet curious and wishing to stay active while at home, Here is an opportunity to tune in for a special ballet class taught by Artistic Director Tamara Rojo- who plays Frida herself.


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