Word Play: 6 ideas for where Curiosity meets Creativity through Language

No matter what language you are learning or teaching- kids and adults LOVE gaming. And while we are currently experiencing a pandemic and most of the globe is locked in, screen time seems to be on a permanent 'locked on' mode, full time- whether it be schooling, Duolingo, Netflix, or even real video gaming. So … Continue reading Word Play: 6 ideas for where Curiosity meets Creativity through Language

Staying Curious With World Languages at Home

Tips for Teachers to deliver WL lessons online for school closures

Holiday traditions inquiry style

I recently took my level 2 and 4 students to a Mexican restaurant-as they are in a unit either on the restaurant (Sp 2) or holidays and celebrations (sp 4). Among other authentic dishes, tamales were also on the menu. Now, as an oral assessment for the 2's- they had a list of several expressions/vocab … Continue reading Holiday traditions inquiry style

Field trip- around school!

School Field Trip in the Nature illustration This week I decided to try something different as an oral assessment for my level 3's. Students had just finished a unit where they learned how to discuss their extra-curricular activities, learn about schools across cultures, and also how to use the expression "hace cuanto tiempo que..." in … Continue reading Field trip- around school!

So let me introduce myself…

Hola! I am a Spanish teacher working through year 20...and only now figuring out how helpful the blogging world can be so I've decided to create my own and offer my own 2 bits. I started out in Maryland as a French teacher, then taught both French and Spanish, and then after year 7, life … Continue reading So let me introduce myself…