Curious about Day of the Dead?

This week schools all around will be dressing up and talking about Halloweeen of course, but Spanish classes will be talking about the cultural holiday of Day of the Dead, or "Dia de los Muertos" which coincides with All Saints Day, starting from October 31 at night and going until November 2. Aside from teaching … Continue reading Curious about Day of the Dead?

3 ways to use Bitmojis for review and assessment in the WL classroom

Bitmoji has been all over FL edu social media lately, and it's understandable- Bitmoji's are adorable, and teachers are using them is such creative ways to make their virtual classrooms all the more attractive and inviting for their students. But how exactly can we use them? First of all- if you haven't yet created your … Continue reading 3 ways to use Bitmojis for review and assessment in the WL classroom

Staying Curious With World Languages at Home

Tips for Teachers to deliver WL lessons online for school closures

Curious Reading strategies-Pt 1

I know it has been a while- Happy New Year everyone- I think I can still say that as it is still January. My last post was while visiting my Mom in the US over the holidays- since then I had 4 major deadlines stressing over my head, aside from my travels and family obligations. … Continue reading Curious Reading strategies-Pt 1

So let me introduce myself…

Hola! I am a Spanish teacher working through year 20...and only now figuring out how helpful the blogging world can be so I've decided to create my own and offer my own 2 bits. I started out in Maryland as a French teacher, then taught both French and Spanish, and then after year 7, life … Continue reading So let me introduce myself…