Bringing wonder into performance based assessment through ART and Reflection

While the school year is winding down, teachers all around are figuring out ways to deliver some type of learning assessment. I know I am in the same boat. This short video caught my attention- and immediately I though this could be a nice way to wrap things up for a level 1 or 2 … Continue reading Bringing wonder into performance based assessment through ART and Reflection

Self Help for Language Learners (and their teachers!)

You can do this! I've seen this idea being passed around, and thought this would make for a GREAT Flipgrid interactive inquiry based task. Have students reflect in the target language for these 4 things and upload a short VLOG describing it, and then write about it/and or present a short slideshow on it! Don't … Continue reading Self Help for Language Learners (and their teachers!)

Curious about Frida and/or Ballet?

I mentioned it in my last post, but in case you haven't read that one yet- An excellent opportunity for Frida aficionados, and ballet lovers- a Must See is the English National Ballet featuring Frida Kahlo's Broken Wings, starring lead principal dancer Tamara Rojo. It is short, only 50 mins, but so so worth it. … Continue reading Curious about Frida and/or Ballet?

Curiosity At a Distance

With so many theatre houses and concert arenas closed during this pandemic, as well as musicians, dancers and artists on lockdown themselves, spectators can still enjoy watching eye-catching costumes, awe-inspiring choreographed footwork of both modern and classical steps, listening to hope inducing opera spring from the mouths of some of the most well known voices, … Continue reading Curiosity At a Distance

Word Play: 6 ideas for where Curiosity meets Creativity through Language

No matter what language you are learning or teaching- kids and adults LOVE gaming. And while we are currently experiencing a pandemic and most of the globe is locked in, screen time seems to be on a permanent 'locked on' mode, full time- whether it be schooling, Duolingo, Netflix, or even real video gaming. So … Continue reading Word Play: 6 ideas for where Curiosity meets Creativity through Language

Staying Curious With World Languages at Home

Tips for Teachers to deliver WL lessons online for school closures

Curious Reading strategies-Pt 1

I know it has been a while- Happy New Year everyone- I think I can still say that as it is still January. My last post was while visiting my Mom in the US over the holidays- since then I had 4 major deadlines stressing over my head, aside from my travels and family obligations. … Continue reading Curious Reading strategies-Pt 1

Holiday traditions inquiry style

I recently took my level 2 and 4 students to a Mexican restaurant-as they are in a unit either on the restaurant (Sp 2) or holidays and celebrations (sp 4). Among other authentic dishes, tamales were also on the menu. Now, as an oral assessment for the 2's- they had a list of several expressions/vocab … Continue reading Holiday traditions inquiry style